R 390


Long-Term Insurance 2020



CPD Accreditation detail:

Professional Body: Compliance Institute Southern Africa

CPD hour allocation: CPD Hours (online learning): 9 CPD hours    

CPD registration number: GiE20181000057 


Who should register? 

  • Key Individuals and Representatives who have met the competency requirements in other Classes of Business.
  • Key Individuals and Representatives not under supervision in this Class of Business, as a refresher and to earn CPD hours.

About the course:

Learners will gain enough knowledge and understanding of specific long-term insurance policies to render financial services adequately.

The course will provide learners with enough knowledge to determine the appropriateness of a product in terms of the client’s specific needs.

The following subclasses will be covered in this course:

  • Assistance policies
  • Life risk policies
  • Life investment policies
  • Fund policies
  • Sinking fund policies
  • Long-term reinsurance policies



At the end of this course, the learner will have core knowledge of the following:

  • the range of financial products in long-term insurance
  • the general characteristics, terms and features of long-term insurance products
  • the fee structures, charges and other costs associated with these products
  • general risks associated with purchasing or investing in one of the long-term insurance products
  • the appropriateness of these products for different clients
  • the typical role players in the long-term insurance industry
  • the impact of applicable legislation
  • the impact of economic and environmental factors on long-term insurance
  • the inter-relationship between long term insurance and other classes of business
  • industry standards and codes