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6 Hour CPD Package


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Professional Body: IOBSA

CPD hour allocation: CPD Hours (online learning): 2 CPD hours for each course   

CPD registration number: IOB158 - IOB164 - IOB170

Package description

Why endowment policies? (Professional knowledge)

In this course we look at the many features and benefits that make an endowment policy an investment option to consider. We match the features and benefits to the most suitable client so that an advisor can easily establish whether this is the best saving solution for the client.

The following topics will be covered in this course:

  • Legal structure of an endowment policy
  • Features of typical endowment policies
  • Benefits for the client when saving, using an endowment policy
  • Most suitable clients
  • The least suitable clients

2 CPD Hours

Client service – how to build relationship and retain your client (Professional skills)

To identify ways to establish links between excellence in client service in a financial advisor’s business practice and policies. While many companies promise to deliver an incredible customer experience, some are better at delivering than others. This course is designed around six critical elements of customer service that, when the company lives them, bring customers back to experience service that outdoes the competition.

The following topics will be covered in this course:

  • Demonstrate a customer service approach
  • Understand how your own behaviour affects the behaviour of others
  • Demonstrate confidence and skill as a problem solver
  • Apply techniques to deal with difficult customers
  • Make a choice to provide customer service
  • Apply knowledge and skill to attract clients, gain trust, build relationships, and retain clients

2.5 CPD Hours

What is important about a will (Regulatory)

Understand the basics of the drafting of a valid will and the advice advisors should give to clients in the absence thereof.

The following topics will be covered in this course:

  • Why should your client have a will?
  • Who can make a will?
  • Who can assist in drafting a will?
  • Who can witness a will?
  • Checks to be done when drafting a will
  • Amendments and additions to a will
  • Intestate succession
  • Case studies

 2 CPD Hours