R 390


Corporate Governance - King IV


CPD Accreditation detail

Professional Body: CISA

CPD hour allocation: CPD Hours (online learning): 4.5 CPD hours   

CPD Accreditation Number: GiE20231000020


Make corporate governance more accessible and relevant to a wider range of organisations and how to be the catalyst for a shift from a compliance-based mindset, to one that sees corporate governance as a lever for value creation.

The following topics are covered:

  • Fair, responsible and transparent organisation wide remuneration
  • Responsible and transparent tax strategy and policy
  • Balanced composition of governing bodies and independence of members of the governing body
  • Delegation to management
  • Corporate governance services to the governing body
  • Performance evaluations of the governing body
  • Audit committee disclosures
  • Risk governance
  • The combined assurance model
  • Social and ethics committees